How to send an END key for the mainframe automation


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Hey @sridhar1

End key to go at the end of that terminal screen or any other behavior define with that emulator.??


Thanks @ Aksh

i need to select a topic in the mainframe , then press END and it will take you to the other screen

You should also mention your emulator provider and version you are working on.
Right now End key is not available in the available options in send control key activity. you can check except end what other option is working for you.

If you are running that terminal application in GUI mode then you can install click activity so there should be some button also there in the toolbar.


I tried the same, but still it is not working also there is no other option apart from END key

Type into will work give it a try as last option. :slight_smile: with your hot key :slight_smile:
but there should be something to click in the toolbar as well. :slight_smile:

I have tried the same, but its negative

I have also used the same thing months back… it was working for me.I don know how you are doing there.

how to send the escape key in “uipath internal”