How to select specific item in drop down list by the item's index

Hello everyone,
I am trying to create an automation for getting data from 1 website then paste that data to my other website. The problem here is the drop down menu which has many duplicates(with the same name), but each of them gives different output. I’ve tried with Select item activity, but it only select the first Result that match the given Value not the SPECIFIC item it has to select.


In this example of the drop down list I have(the original 1 has more than 300 items to choose) and here I want to select “Audi” that has Value=“7”, but the robot only select the first 1 with Value=“4”.
Anyone has an idea how can I select the desired value?

Hello @Dawid_Nguyen

Use UiExplorer and inspect on a option. There should be some attribute which gives the position of the item. Yo need to use that in the selector and pass the dynamic value to it.

suppose idx=2 is the attributes and this will give 2nd item, instead of idx=2, you can assign with a variable.

idx=i, where i can be dynamically passed.

with find children we can retrieve the dropdown items / options.
Later we can process and evaluate which one we want to select e.g. by checking the returned value

I found a solution to this problem. By using Inject Js script activity since none of the solution above worked for the scenario i had.

function get_id()
if(document.readyState ===“complete”)

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