How to select next column and write into it in Excel

Hi Team
How to find next column and copy the data present in the last column.
Example : Data present in column A should copy to B if I run once and for next run B to C column and so on

Book1.xlsx (11.6 KB)

Use Excel application scope activity and use select range “a1:a100” use send hot keyctrl+c and use send hot key ctrl+v use excel application scope

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Thanks For reply.
Your Method is static way, Where every time I have to change the target where I have to paste, But my requirement is dynamic way, It should automatically look for last column in the table(DT) and copy it and paste to the next column.


Uncheck add headers and then try to write the datatable in write range activity

Ashwin S

u got solution on that query?

Hi @monikanimbalkar
Nope. I didn’t get Solution