Drag one column data to next column


I have some 10 rows of data in column say for example “AA” with formulas and I want to drag the same set of data to next column dynamically. How to achieve this.

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Copy the column data and
Use paste special for pasting the data

Shortcut: alt+ctrl+v
click on “Values” Radio button

Parvati Thalal :slight_smile:

hi @Sailaja_Pasupuleti,
Probably if others methods are not working, you can pass the Send a hotkey.

I want to drag the one column data to next immediate column which auto fill the data. Which activities I can use

Unable to achieve using activities.can you please tell me what is the shortcut to drag data horizontally in excel

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–hope these steps could help you resolve this
–use excel application scope and pass the file path as input
–use read range and get the output with a variable of type datatable named outdt
–use a assigna activity like this
dt_col = outdt.Columns(“yourcolumnname”)
where dt_col is a variable of type system.data.datacolumn
–now use a add datacolumn activity and mention the above data column as input.variable to column property and mention the datatable name as well
–now use write range activty from workbook activiites to write back the datatable with new column added very next to the existing one, by mentioning the datatable and sheetname and excel file path as input

Cheers @Sailaja_Pasupuleti


Use write cell Activity, in range just mention the range of the row you need to write.
Hope this will help you/

Suresh J

Hi Suresh,

My range is dynamic here. Means not fixed column.

This works but it is slow when I have 60 columns

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60 columns is something huge that we need to take into consideration while going for performance buddy, and this is in addition to number of records as well
i hope even though we use linq it would result the same, might differ with few seconds
so we are good i guess,
but still if we want we can discuss further
Cheers @Sailaja_Pasupuleti


You can get the row count and make the range as dynamic
rowcount = datatable.row.count
in range “A2:A” +(rowcount +1)

Suresh J

Testing_Columns.zip (24.8 KB)

please check the workflow and tell me if any change require


I want to copy AA column data to AB column along with formulas. Next time it should copy AB to AC and so on.

use send hotkey Ctr +R

Suresh J

I have date as value in first cell. How to increment it.

example: 2019-08 in AA
O/P: 2019-09 in AB


U can use write cell and pass the value or it AA column holds excel formula like workorder it will also be incremented.

Suresh J

There is no formula in AA1 plain text 2019-08. when I use ctrl+R it pastes the same value 2019-08 in AB1 as well.To use write cell I am not which column to write as it is dynamic

This is my excel. I want drag AA column data to AB column. Please suggest.

SailajaBook1.xlsx (7.7 KB)