How to Select multiple application?


I want to kill multiple dialogue windows of one messanger program.

  1. Find children activity does not work, since it works in single application window. (Messanger dialogue windows are not singularly.)

  2. My plan is like this

  • get multiple windows and assign it to innumerable uielement.
    -Use ‘for each’ ,‘click’ activity to each window’s ‘X’ button

So, please let me know how to get multiple windows to use ‘for each’

Hi @hoseongwon

Check out this thread. This should help you solve your problem.


Hi @hoseongwon

You can use Kill Process activity to close the applications.



I want to do it with * character. the dialogue window’s name is various. so, I can not set it to one specific window.

I don’t want to kill the whole process. I want to kill dialogue windows that the process made.


Check on this thread it might be help you

If you want to kill the whole process then kill process activity will helps to Close the application.


I solved it with these activities

Check app state / with * character

  • get uielement variable

Find “×” shape image with
Find image activity

Click that.

With “while” activity, it repeats.

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