Related to Closing Application Activity

Hello everyone. Is there any other way to close an application aside from using Close Application Activity? Any help would do. Thank you so much!!

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You can use:

  1. Click activity to click the close button at the top to close the application.
  2. Kill process to close the application.


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I am planning to close the application while another application is running so the best option would be number 2 right? , for your scenario, yes. That might be helpful.

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You can send hotkeys like Alt+F4 which closes front window…


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thank you guys!! @AKM_Robinuzzaman @Pankaj.Patil if that resolved your issue you can mark the post as resolved. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a question. How can I kill the process of this one? I tried to input these in the ProcessName of the Kill Activity.

  1. “Control Panel”
  2. “System”
  3. “Windows Explorer”

But it seems that none of the following closes the application. Any idea?

Hi, you can use get process name activity to find out the name and pass that to kill process activity.


  1. Control Panel - we think you have to do ui automation to close like Alt+F4, I am unable to close from kill activity even providing system properties.
  2. System - same as above step.
  3. Windows Explorer - take kill activity, supply explorer to processName property.


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Hi! As in “explorer” only in the ProcessName of the Kill Activity?

I will try this one too. Thanks again!!,