How to select file from storage bucket with orchestrator?

Hi all,

I’d like to know is there any solution that when user execute the process through Orchestrator can select the files manually? Just like the way while using activity “browse file”, but need to work with Orchestrator since we’re working on transferring the old processes, which just only using attended robot before, to work with Orchestrator.

HI @Michael_Hsieh

If you are using different file from the same storage bucket

You can ask for the file name in input dialog with text box type and store them in a variable and then pass them in the path of read storage text

If you think may be in urge we could make spelling mistake you can try same step but with a simple modification

You can ask for the file name in input dialog with Multiple Choices type and store them in a variable and then pass them in the path of read storage text

Input options should be seperated with semi colon( ; )

For Eg:

"SampleFile.txt ; Sample.xlsx ; Demo.docx"


Hope this helps


Thank you for your reply.

I knew Input dialog, seleft file these activities since we already used it in the processes.

But will these activities’(Input dialog, select file) Interface will appear while executing the process through Orchestrator?

Hi @Michael_Hsieh ,

Are you trying to convert attended process to Unattended process ?

If you are opting for the conversion, then it means that the Processes would run in a complete different Server where you may not have the access to.

Activities related to user Interaction in the system will not be helpful and the process would be stuck. These activities/method should be converted to a non-interacting approach where either user has already placed the necessary file in the Shared Folder and the Robot can pick the file from there on Process run.

If user has access to Orchestrator and Storage Bucket and Start Process Permissions, then we could also use the Download Storage File Activity to download the file from the Storage Bucket. Additionally, user could also pass the filename as an argument to the process to download the file by name.

Or We could also use List Storage Files Activity and get the name of the file if only one file will be present in the Bucket and use the name to download the file using Download Storage File Activity then arguments to process wouldn’t be a requirement.

But if the user has no permissions provided into the Orchestrator, then we would need to go for an alternate approach where we may need to use Action Center and user can upload the files there or another approach would be to retrieve the files when the user sends it through a mail.

Let us know if we are anywhere close to your expected approach or you would need an entirely different method.

You are talking about an unattended automation, so no - there is no way for a human to interact with it. You’d need to create a separate attended automation that the user runs and enters/selects the file info, then that automation adds an item to a queue which triggers your unattended automation.