Download storage file from orchestrator


I have an APP where user will upload an excel document, after that I want to create a process to move or copy that file into the robot machine computer local directory in order to start processing the cases from that file.
Here my questions:

  1. I found that there is an “Download Storage File” activity, but it asks for the file path (The full path of the file from the Storage Bucket you want to download.) I know that in orchestrator where the storage bucket is, but how can I get that path in order to use it a string in the Path parameter for this activity?

  2. Could I read the excel file directly from the Storage Bucket and take the data to start my process, if yes how?

Thank you a lot!

Hi @angel_ramirez ,

Please find the answers for your questions below.

  1. You can enter file name with extension under file path attribute. You have to specify the correct storage bucket name.

  2. I think read storage text activity only work for reading text from text files that stored in the storage bucket. I think it does not have future to read the information directly from excel file.


thank you, in onder to download the file my project needed to be in the same folder where the bucket was created/shared.

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