How to select dropdown checkbox of specific item

Hi all,

In dropdown there is list like - ‘1234 me & my;house’ , ‘56789 you &’, ‘901235 he she,it’ …like wise list present.

I want to select dropdown checbox based on digit like - ‘1234’, ‘56789’, ‘901235’…other text need to avoid while selecting checkbox.

How I can do this? Please help me on this scenario.


Can you please provide a screenshot of the drop down please

You need to select a single item? In case the Select Item activity works for that control, you can use an asterisk as a wildcard in the activity, like this:

id + " *"

where id would be your digits. Note: remember to use a space character before the wild card in case the number of digits is not the same for the id numbers, to avoid selecting wrong element.

Screenshot (94)

Here is sample dropdown. I tried click activity And I pass variable in selector. but in text having some ascii or special character, due to that it is not select check box.

I want to it will work on only digit number.

is it possible?

select item activity is not used here becoz, I need select specific checkbox

In this case you can use the id+ 4 to select the 4th box or you could click image on select all then use the tab hotkey to move down selected icon to the correct box then use enter to select it


First open ui explorer and find the selector for one element which contains tag and innertext in them

Then use variable in the innertext

Eg: <webctrl tag='DIV' innertext='{{variable}}*' />

Variable is the value of the number you want to select


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