How to select and copy text from notepad++ using uipath

Hi, I have a requirement to copy text from notepad++ and store that to an another text file. but select text starting point and ending point will be managed by the user.
please help.

Hi @mukesh_behera u mean the user has the freedom to select the data and the process should be trigeered when the selected data is copied

You can let the user configure the starting and ending points / # lines to copy etc… using excel config file, then robot can read all this from the excel file

then based on the start and end points you can build the regex string like what was mentioned here

not exactly, Consider I have opend a text file using the notepad++ Then robot will hit ctrl+F to get the find window there bot will type a string and hit enter now the line containing the string will be selected I want to make my workflow in such a way so that from the string to next 200 lines of code to be copied.
Hope you understand.
Waiting for your response.

But , i want to copy from notepad , that file is big so i can’t read it.

Hi, in notepad++ there is a field for search through regular expression, my regular expression is correct I don’t know why notepad++ showing invalid regular expression. have you any idea how to solve this problem using regular expression in notepad++?.
Waiting for your response…

You can do something like this, this regex works as a starting point but you can refine it further

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Thank you so much.

Would you please where i am doing wrong. Actually i want to copy 3 lines of code from [2020-12-17] but that regex selects all.!

use this

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Thank you

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