Need help on data manipulation

Hi everyone,

I am a new learner of UiPath.

I have multiple text files with the below sample text and each file the text are different, as well as some text files will have more rows and some have less rows of text. I am using this regular expression to capture the specific text (in bold).

Regular Expression:

Sample Text:
Drive Size Used Free Free(%)
C: 490Gb 1311Gb 368Gb 73.7
D: 99Gb 10Gb 89Gb 89
E: 1953Gb 800Gb 1043Gb 56.5
F: 1843Gb 647Gb 1195Gb 60.3

What method should I use to store these captured data from the regular expression? Should I use 2-D array in the format {({C:, 73.7}), ({D:, 89}),…}? If so, how would I build it in UiPath?

Or is it better to use Data table and add a data row? If so, how would I build a data table and a data row?

For me your data looks like CSV with space as separator, so I’d make a data table from that:

Hi @moenk,

thanks for the help. I’ve implemented alternative method by using IF and Assign activities, instead of using arrays or data table.