How to see Screenshots in Orchestrator


I have a question about Orchestrator and the display of screenshots. I made a try catch block
and in the catch block a screenshot is taken and the image is saved to a bucket in Orchstrator.
How or what do I have to do so that the screenshot is also displayed in the log of the failed testcase in Orchestrator? At the moment it shows “No job execution media found”


In the attachment of test cases it can be uploaded…check the attachments


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I am not able to see the attachment at Test Executions → Attachments which i have got uploaded using **Attach Document(UiPath.Testing.[Activities]

But i can see in the Execution details, there is the attachment. I can donwload the “png” file and open it. Is it not possible to see the file without downloading, direct in the execution details ?

Hi @Chris2046

Please try this in order to see live recording screenshots of the process
1 . While creating a process you will Enable Recording option

2 .Set scaling , frequency and duration values as per your needs

Hope this helps you .



Without downloading i dont think so you can see it…it is not rendered


I added the test case to the test manager and now the screenshot is displayed correctly in Orchestrator.

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