How to search values using Find path in excel?

In excel lot of data, where we can find a unique name called RESULT the next cell value I should capture. please help me on this.
cell-1 cell2

Thank you.

Hi @Raghu_km

Try to use lookup activity


Hi @Raghu_km

Use lookup range activity you will get the address of result like “D1” Ina Variable1

Next use a read cell activity in the range Use this expression


This expresses will give you E1 as range
Store the values in a variable and use them


Hi @Raghu_km

Can you share any sample excel file, so that we can check on and provide you the solution?


Read the data into datatable and use filter datatable and filter on result and then get next value by dt.Rows(0)(“Targetcolumn”).ToString


Use the look up table activity and pss the Result as to be searched and the target column name as the column with 63%


@Anil_G thanks for the information but the value would be dynamic. just i want to take the value after Result next cell.

Hi Manish,

Please find the attached copy of excel.
UiPath_Sample.xlsx (9.5 KB)

Note: rows from 12 to 14 would variable, it may increase or decrease.
Thank you.

Hi @Raghu_km ,

Please check to this sample workflow (12.1 KB)


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Look up or filter will be done on result whichis constant…and accordingly whatever is the value is next cell it would be raken…only constant thing here are the column names and result

Hope this helps


Thanks for your help. finally its resolved.

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