Use excel column to "lookup" value from 1 cell row at a time in another program

Sorry for the bad title.

I am trying to do the following, but I cannot seem to find my answer via research.

I have a certain column of data “C”. I want UI path to do the following:
Read Cell C2 → Assign Variable A
Lookup Variable A on website
Get Text from Element of website - Assign Variable B
Write Variable B into Cell D2

I can write the above workflow, but I need UIpath to do this until it goes all the way down to cell CX (where x is the final row). and places the final value in DX.

Thank you all for the help.

Hello @Zachriah_Davenport :wave:

Welcome to the community!

You have defined all the steps clearly, you only need to make tweak it a bit:

  1. Read your Excel file
  2. Add column D using Add Data Column activity (if column doesn’t exist)
  3. Iterate through the DataTable using a For Each Row activity
  4. Use an Open Browser activity
  5. Perform the search, scrap the data
  6. Add it to column D using row(“ColumnD”).ToString = ScrapedValue
  7. Go to home page
  8. Continue until all the items are completed
  9. Close browser using close tab activity

And you’re done! Try it and let me know if you have any issues.


Hey This helps out a bit.

I am stuck though. I currently have:
Within Excel Application Scope:
Read Range “Sheet1” “A2:A999”
The range read creates a “data table” variable (“ItemList”).

Then I have For Each Row in “ItemList”

But I do not know how to make it type “itemA” from row 1 into the site, grab data, write data, and then move on to “ItemB”