How to return a cell value in an excel file given the location of another cell with a specific search string in it

Hi all. I’m trying to get the value of a cell right next to another which has a specific string in it which I can search for. Please refer to the attached screenshot.
I need to look for the value in red; “Reviewed and signed off by Senior Manager:” and get the value in the cell next to it in yellow, so in this case the value I’m looking to return is: “NAME OF MANAGER”

Here are some caveats:

  1. The columns don’t have headers
  2. The ‘search string’ can be anywhere on the page, they can add in an extra row, column etc. so I cannot hard code the col or row reference of where to look for the ‘search string’.

Here is what I’ve tried so far:

  1. I loaded the excel into a DataTable using Read range. Then I used LookUp Range to get the cell reference for the search string (which can be anywhere in the excel). However, now I’m stuck, because all I have stored in a variable is a string, like A16. How do I now get the value in B16?
  2. I also tried using the LookUp Data Table Activity, but it requires me to specify something about the location of the lookup, such as ColumnIndex or Name etc.

Many thanks.

Hi, here is the topic similar to your scenario. Please check.

Thanks for the response @NRP, unfortunately this does not help, as the solution in that thread is relying on known “Column Name/Column Index” which as I said is one of my limitations for not having. The GetRowItem Activity must have some sort of column information which I am unable to provide given the requirements for flexibility.
Any other ideas?

here is the package for various excel activity. kindly look into “FIND” functionality, it may be helpful for your requirements…

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