How to search text in a webpage and click a checkbox next to it

Hey all, I need some help with a roadblock I have been having. I am using UiPath to find text on a webpage and click a checkbox next to it.

Here is what the webpage looks like:

The issue I have is a, the checkbox is not aligned with the text, and b, the order that each one of the fields is placed in (WBC Count, MCV) changes each time I enter a new user. This means that right now, WBC count might be the first field, but for a different patient, RBC Count or Hemoglobin might come first. Thus, I need to navigate to a specific field (ctrl-f?), and then click the checkbox next to it. Thank you in advance.

PS: The webpage can only be opened using internet explorer. To access it, I needed to download something called a citrix receiver. I am unsure if this is a citrix virtual machine, but I just want you all to know the webpage is not loaded on chrome.

This seems to be a citrix automation. You’ll be able to identify based on the methods that you have used for other actions on this web page.
However, here are some useful activities that might help you, where you can perform action on an element, which is identified in reference to another element (the anchor)

Let me know if you need more help with these.

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Hey kaderms, thanks a lot for the help. I am toying around with the anchors and am having a little issue. I am using the anchor point and set it to find the element, an image of “WBC Count.” I then have a click element next to the find, which I set to click the checkbox.

Here is my workflow:

Here is my error:

img2 — ImgBB (new users can only upload one image, sorry)

Any thoughts as to what is going wrong? Thank you again.

Hi @ automations

Please try using Element exists to set it to find the element, an image of “WBC Count.” then a click element next to the find.
Can you check the selector of click activity and check the below properties.
Please follow the below approach:

  • You can increase the time out amount in the field " Timeout ".
  • Use the activity " Element Exists " before performing the specific action on the element (like Click) so that you get to know whether the robot is able to detect the element or not.
  • If you are using some activity that has the property of " WaitForReady ", then try with the setting of " None / COMPLETE ".

Hope this helps you :slight_smile: