Click Checkbox with text as anchor

Hi All,

I need to select some particular checkbox from a list. I am using Anchor base activity.In the Anchor when i use find element and look at selectors, I do not have a particular value to that particular field.If it is a constant value, I could map it using selector variable.But each time the value is changing.
For example, from the below image, if i select Schedule field, in the selector, there is a attribute called virtual name. Its value is VTextField604. If I refresh the page and again use the same field in find element, the virtual name attribute value is VTextField613. So I could not use Find element activity. Even If i use Find children, there is no constant value.

I have tried with Find image. It worked well in one resolution. But when the system resolution changes, Image automation is not stable. Please suggest me any ideas.

Example screenshot:

This is the selector for the same element:

Try Anchor Base Activity

I have tried it… In Anchor if i use find image, selector issue is not there and bot runs well. But if the system resolution changes, bot could not identify the image properly.

In Anchor if i use find element, the selectors are changing for the same field everytime. If i use dynamic selectors, bot everytime clicks the 1st check box irrespective of required text field

Hi @soorya_prasad
Can you change the selector so that he takes just the value of “Name”?

Hi @Gabriele_Camilli,

The attribute ‘name’ has value ‘Name’ for all the checkbox. I could not get the field name in any of the attribute.

Can you post a screenshot of an element selected in UI Explorer, to see if there is something we can use?

Thank you

We have check box activity in uipath , It will work accurately.

If you go with click activity it will work sometimes only.

Hi @Gabriele_Camilli,

We have only idx attribute and the Virtualname field with different values. So i could not find any other attributes.

Hi @varunk,

The problem here is when identifying the UiElement, am not getting the perfect selector. If i could get that selector right, Check box activity, Click activity, anchor base etc… everything will work fine. It is based on the selector of UiElement.

Try with dynamic selector once

Hi @varunk,

I tried it, it indicates the top element everytime when i try with dynamic selector.

If I have application access I will give any suggestion