How to search particular text in pdf and extract footer number of that text page?

hello guys,
I have doubt on PDF data there any way to search particular text and get footer number of that text page from pdf.If there is any way to implement it please let me know the solutions.

You could try to get one page at a time from the PDF file using the Range property of Get PDF Text activity. Then search in that page if it contains the word or not.


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Is this a plain PDF or Image based?
It will be good if you can share some sample PDF and which text you need to extract



You can use the "Read Range Activity " and check the Preserved option in the properties panel.
Later use regex and the string manipulation option to extract the data.

its plain PDF and i have like 3 conditions (example: i have a text like sun , star, moon if the pdf contain these 3 words in that page ) then i will get the footer number of that this is my situation.can please share solution for this and thanks for taking your time to reply me.


Can you share the sample pdf if possible?

sure i will give try , but how to search if that word contains in that page(i.e one page at a time) also the text is getting from input dialog box .so i am going to take that input and i will check the text in pdf. this pdf i am going to check if that page contains 1)programme 2)programming
if the condition satisfied, i will get the footer number. In this case(i will get footer number 1 because both words are contained in that page
Computer Programming.pdf (204.2 KB)