How to search for created variables in the Workflow?

Hello guys,

does anyone know how to search for specific created variables in the workflow?

In earlier versions of the community edition I could use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the bar, searching for e.g. “v_str_Akt” and it was shown all variable names with that text, so that you was able to jump step by step through the activities in the workflow where the variable is used. This is very important for me, especially if you have to edit a workflow that someone else has programmed.

Is there a new way to search for and get all the activities where the variable is used?

Thanks for help!

For example a screenshot of the older community edition:

Hi @Akimbow

It’s a bug and will be fixed with the next release (hopefully! :)))


Ahh I am glad to hear that is a bug and will be fiexed :slight_smile:

Sometimes there are coming up new versions (like Office 365 :D) and there are very usefull Actions in older parts which are removed and nobody knows why.

Many thanks for the quick Reply. I hope the release is coming soon. :slight_smile:

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