Variables, where used in workflow

There should be a way to search for/highlight where the variable is used in the workflow. Sometimes it becomes difficult to locate where it is used, esp in a lengthy/complex workflow.

In a text editor it’s very quick to find it

Thank u for the response. Can you be more specific what text editor or where to find it,a screenshot would be useful.

You can search for variables using the universal search bar in the upper right hand corner of Studio. It’s not working in the current Community Edition Studio, but will be fixed in future updates.

For now you can do as @c.ciprian suggested and search using a text editor. You can use notepad or one of dozens that are free to download such as notepad++, atom, sublime text, etc. These will display the xaml as text instead of blocks so it can be easily searched.

I will try using the text editor. Meanwhile, I experimented using the “Export to Excel” option at the top, and that is converting the xaml as text and searching should do the job for now.

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Hi @sawaseem

The universal search has you covered now :slight_smile:


Thats great…! @loginerror