I can not find variables used in activity properties using universal search

I’m in trouble!
Im using 2019.7 Community Edition version

When performing a search using Universal Search, I can not search for variables used in the property of the activity.

Is there a bug in universal search with 2019.7 Community Edition version?
am i misstake using universal search?

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hi @Otto

open all the workflows, and try to search for variable


Hi @Ajju ,

Thank you for your reply.
But I cant.

I opened all workflows. And I selected All Filses.
But there is one result in variables window object.
I anticipate two result.
One thing is variables window object. (Now display)
Two thing is Misc[TO] in the property of the assign activity.

i got the same problem when i update to 2019.07,and i am very regeret to update

I also regret it.
I hope that it will be corrected soon.