How to search a particular word from one datatable to another

I have datatable dt1

Col1 Col2
D_Cod 657

D_name Socket

D_Num MHFPP654

I want to search this col2 value one by one in another datatable dt2.

Please help I to search


Try like this

read both the excels using read range output as dt1 and dt2

take 1 for each row mention dt1 and assign like this col2=Currentrow(“col2”).toString

take 1 more for each row mention dt2 and assign like this col3=Currentrow(“col2”).toString

take one if condition col2=col3

inside then your next requirement steps


Hi @Doonline

If you want to search a single value from one datatable to another you can use lookup datatable activity

Or else

You can proceed with the solution provided by @THIRU_NANI


In Dt2 these words are not at one place,They are scattered somewhere in an datatable thats why i need to search col2 value one by one in another datatable

This is the way you have to do.


Hi @Doonline ,

Could you please let us know, What are the Steps after you have found the Matching Word? or What is the End Output that you Expect ?

This would help us to formulate the method needed to be used in the Suggested solution.