How to scroll side menu scroll bar down to click menu items?

in a portal hamburger side menu is there with scroll bar. Need to scroll down & select menu item.tried with send hotkey not scrolling. Please help anyone?

Hi @vnsatyasunil
Try Mouse scroll activity.


that activity is not showing for me. In manage packages also I didn’t find

Download UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities package then you can find out the Mouse scroll activity which is used to scroll up or down the page

Hello @vnsatyasunil
Try Mouse Scroll Activity

If You are a classic user, try this

  • Inactivity panel, Click the Filter option
  • Enable the Modern Option and search now


yes now I got it.Thanks

Hello @vnsatyasunil

You can use the Mouse scroll activity to scroll the page up and down.
you can give the scroll direction by selecting the Direction dropdown in the activity.

For using the activity download the UiPath.uiautomation.activities.
and make sure to enable the modern activities in the activities Panel.

Hope It will help for you.

I am getting error like multiple similar matches found. Could not uniquely identify user interface element for this action. How to resolve this?


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