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I need to get title and description from 532 pages and i can achieve this using data scrapping but need to click on next for every page and browser gets slow down after sometime and it gets stopped. Could you please suggest how to achieve this


Hi @Boopathi,

Could you tell us from where you are trying to get the Title and description.

Hi @sarathi125 in this url i need to get title for each link and also description

If description is not clear, need to get atleast title for all 532 pages with article names

There are 532 results, not pages. If you only need the titles with no further processing in automation, you could use WebScraper extension in Chrome. All the titles are scraped in a little under 2 minutes.

3:37 in UIPath
Main.xaml (7.8 KB)
extraction.xlsx (38.3 KB)

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Thank you very much. I need description also i.e what are all the text appearing after click on the title. Is that possible?

After you click on the title there is a lot of unstructured text. Do you want the entire page of the article? If so why not use a crawler that saves you the pages locally? It would be easier.
Please explain on the links below what you want to capture

Thank you @c.ciprian. We are just looking what are all the text we could capture after click on a title.

Both in the above 2 links. Just want to capture only text available in that page. No image required. If there is no possibility of capturing text for any certain title due to unstructured data then it is okay.

Extraction done with hidden browser, so it works faster. Can be adapted to write to text files instead of excel.
Editing the flow to open the initial page hidden will speed up even more :wink:

Main.xaml (14.0 KB)
extraction.xlsx (65.9 KB) <sample of 26 results>

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Thank you @c.ciprian. Learnt a new concept today.