How to scrap data with different pattern

I am trying to use data scraping but the pattern is changing for the next element. how to resolve it .


Please provide some kind of example with your question. What is it you’re trying to scrape? What is the pattern changing to?

here I am selecting first element as “Manufacturing” and the next element is the "Data Analysis

Hi @pankajy

Try selecting first element “Manufacturing” and then second element “Logistics” and report back :slight_smile: (preferably with a screenshot)

Thanks @loginerror, I tried it but If i am doing that , Then not getting the “Data Analysis” element

From how it looks like, it is a separate element as far as the website structure is considered. I suppose it is like that because there is no number next to it which would mean it is in a different class.

Is might be that you will have to either:

  • scrap it separately with a Get Text activity and then add it to your ExtractedDataTable as new row
  • use a different method for scraping, such as Screen Scrapping

Thanksfor your response @loginerror, I will try.

I believe each element will be in some kind of identical html container. Try indicating that instead.

If that doesn’t work try indicating the parent element of the element you were trying to scrape. As in, the element that indicates the row with values “Manufacturing” and “Lean Manufacturing”. See if it’s possible to get both “Manufacturing” and “Lean manufacturing” together as the first element, then Logistics and Operations Management as the second. You can always do string manipulation later on.

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