UIPath Cloud - UI Automation - click web - Not able to download File locally using web browser

Hi experts,

I’ve implemented an automation (Cloud UiPath) which performs a click on website URL that downloads locally a File, unfortunately this is not happening.
If the click is performed by a human , the download actually takes place.

When UiPath cloud RPA robot is run, download of file is actually not occurring, despite the appropiate click is being made propperly on the same item/spot…

  1. Could it be due to licensing ? If so, What type of license do we need to get a local file download by performing a click on internet web site ?
  2. Is this a product limitation? UIPatch cloud is not able to do this type of operations/automations ? not able to download locally a file from a click on a website ?

Appreciate your valuable support/opinion


Welcome to the community

In the click activity options select hardware events and check may be that would help


Define local. Where is the automation running?

UiPath cloud version.
Automation is a cloud RPA, that clicks on a web site a file to download.
Download is expected to perform an actual “Local” download on the file clicked.
It is expected to locate the file downloaded in Local Folder
Nothing happens when the RPA cloud is ran.

Again, where is the automation running? Locally in Studio? Locally via Assistant? Unattended on a server? “Local” is relative to where the job is running.

Locally in Studio