How to save/overwrite the attachment of same name from different mails?

In my workflow, i am trying to save the attachments of same name from different mails. When the workflow saves the first attachment, it processes the saved file and send the updated file to particular user using SMTP send mail activity. When the workflow takes the second mail and tries to save the attachment of same name it throws the error: the file has being used by another process.

According to my analysis, when we don’t use the smtp activity, the file is getting overwritten and saved. The issue is with the SMTP activity. Instead of SMTP activity, I have used the Send outlook mail activity.
But after using outlook mail activity, it is affecting/ corrupting the file(The file is getting corrupt and More popup message box are added into the file).

Please provide a solution.

Can you use a different file path in Save Email Message. For example Storage/YYYY-MM-dd-hh-mm/attachment.xls?

Hi Mihai,

I tried the solution provided by you but it did not worked. It is giving the same error : the file is used by another process when we use the smtp activity and for outlook send mail activity it is corrupting the file.

hi i have the same issue, did u find a solution ?

I also need solution for Outlook