An email contains two attachments with the same filename. How to save properly theses attachments?

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We want to save attachments from emails. Ok it’s classic here.
We have a mail who contains two different files with exactly the same filename.

If we use “Save Attachments” activity, we will find in output folder only one file (it’s logic).

So how to find a workaround regarding this issue ?

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Test.Bs.xaml (15.1 KB)

Please refer the above workflow.

Hi @fahuet
Use the loop firstly save the attachment, and move it in another folder with different name, a this process is in loop it will save the multiple attachments with same name.
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Thank you for all tour answers.
Unfortunately, I’m still using an old 2017.1, so I was not able to see @anil5 attachment :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve found a nice workaround here : How to save perticular file from outlook, when the attachments contains multiple files

Next time, I will use forum search feature more accurately :slight_smile:

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Please refer this for dependencies

Thanks anil5.

Unfortunately our Orchestrator 2017.1.6542 is not able to manage properly updated Activities. So we are stuck here with OOTB Activities, and that’s annoying :smiley:

Due to that, we cannot play too much with updated Activities.


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