How to save multiple variable value in excel/csv

Hi all,
How to save multiple variable value (value is extracted from get text attribute) in excel/csv.

Hi @Smruti_Smita_Samal

You can try with ReadRange Workbook /Excel or Read csv.

For Each Row to get a specific Value.

Why Get text activity?


Hi @Smruti_Smita_Samal , If you are extracted data from get variable and assigned into some variable then you can add it to datatable then write it to CSV or excel.

Hi @Smruti_Smita_Samal

You can also try with add data row activity with the exctracted Get text Output

Like Below.


Hi @Smruti_Smita_Samal
use Add Data Row Activity to add the data to the datatable and then write to csv file using Write CSV file activity

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Thanks for reply @pravin_calvin
I did the same .
but single row value added to csv not multiple.
how can I save multiple data in csv

thanks @NIVED_NAMBIAR for your reply

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Hi @Smruti_Smita_Samal

Maybe you can save the text in text variable and then you can write it in CSV file.
Watch these videos to learn more about saving data as CSV file:
Video 1: UiPath | Read CSV File | Add Column to CSV File | How to read CSV File and Add Data Column to CSV - YouTube
Video 2: UiPath | Convert Text File to CSV File | Get Data from Text File into CSV File | Create CSV File - YouTube

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ok thanks @Dawodm