Copy data from excel to web and then to a new csv

Hello everyone, I want to take data from a web page and save it to a new csv file but not with data scraping
any suggestion how to do it?
BTW Im new with RPA
Thanks a lot

Hi @nirr

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You can make use of Extract Structed Data.

Thank you.


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Use Build Datatable activity to build the datatable schema
Next, get the text using Get Text activity and store that into variables
use Add datarow and pass the get text variables to the activity

But the simplest way is datascrapping

Hope this will help you


First of all thank you
After I store the get text in variables, I should put it in the Arrayrow or the Datarow in the Addrow activity?

Thanks a lot!

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You should use arraryrrow where you can store the text {Gettext1.Gettext2} Like this


If you have multiple variables you can use arrayrow as {Var1, Var2, Var3}

Else you can use only Datarow

Hope this will help you


Another thing,
Im doing a for each loop and I want to save the data into variables but every time its iterate and saves the data in to a variable it is deleting the previous data in the variable
How can I save data from for each loop into different variables?