How to save data from recording sequence to CSV


I am trying to save the data that I have scraped during a recording sequence to CSV but I am not able to do so.
My last activity in the recording sequence is- Get Text. And it has Generic value by default. How to change it into DataTable so that I can save it as CSV?

Please help!

Hi @himaniaggarwal1,
Can you please explain bit more about your source of data extraction?
SO that we can analyse how you can scrape into a data table.

Note: If you are using Get Text then always you will get the output as Generic Value by default. You can change it to string but you cant change it to Data Table.


Hey, thanks for a prompt reply!

I am picking up row data from CSV, putting it in the search box of a website and now I want the results to be saved in that CSV file in a new sheet with both the search keyword and the corresponding result.

From your explanation, what i understood is:

  1. Source is CSV.
  2. You are entering the picked values from CSV to any website.
  3. After entering you want the input value and output value of that website to be written in another sheet.

Note: Can you please specify the source of the website to pick the data?
Is it a table or Label or Paragraph or which kind of element. If you can attach a screenshot of your website’s data which you are picking that will be cool.

Waiting for reply.

Here it is -

So I want both the results in my final output sheet

Ok @himaniaggarwal1,
You can get those data in string by using Get Text Activity (output of get text).
One method you can do:

  1. Do Split for that string based on New Line and separate them (output will be coming from split function as Array of String).
  2. Extract them one by one using Loops.
  3. You can write them using write cell or write range dynamically.

Another Method:

  1. You have to create a new data table and add rows one by one from the split string output (Array).
  2. Write that data table finally. But this method will be lengthy.

Hope you understood. Try the methods and lets c.

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I did not understand. As I am picking up my text in the recording sequence itself, how to convert that into string?

Here is till where I have reached
file.xaml (11.5 KB)

Hey, @jibanjyoti I am pretty much interested in RPA and I want to use Ui Path for that. But I am very new to Ui path. Can you suggest me where can I learn Ui Path with real-time examples?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Sekhar_M,

Thanks for showing interest for UiPath.

You can go through UiPath Academy and start learning.
You have different levels of trainings available there.