How to save and read dynamic excel file

Hi Guys,

I need to download excel file from website and read excel file every time it downloads with country name and today date how to save this file please suggest

“AZ” is country name is dynamic



I’m not quite sure about your situation but how about get the file name when you save it? , like,

  1. Download the file with “save as”
  2. Get file name from the save as window, (or rename what you would)
  3. Open the file.


Hi @thima
If u are using ie browser click download button from website and below you will get download notification bar click on save as and save as dialog box appear

Use read range based on downloaded file

Use type into as Coreportcap___Now.tostring(“MMddyyyy”)


Hi @thima

  1. Use Save As option in the browser
    2.Using TypeInto Activity
    3.Click Save using Click Activity.