I want to save the file dynamically

hello good morning.
can someone sugest. i am developing the code in my laptop i am downloading the data from website saving in my pc folder somewhere. but how to do it dynamically by which when i install that code in any others system. it should run without exception. and how to save and read the file.

Hi @Shubham_Kinge

By the usage of relative path & datetime properties, you can make the file be saved dynamically by the combination of these methods:

currentDirectory = Environment.CurrentDirectory

relativePath = "Data\Output"

fileName = "yourFileName_"+Now.ToString("dd_MM_yyyy")+".yourFileExtension"

savingLocation = Path.Combine(currentDirectory, relativePath, fileName)

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@Shubham_Kinge ,
While Saving you can provide


Here “YourFilepathInsidetheDirectory” will be something like “data\Input\sample.xlsx”


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Use any generic location like C:\Working folder which can be created in any system…

Or use relative path "Data\Input"

Or use environment.username which gives the current user name and can use user related folders as well Path.Combine("C:\users\,Environment.Username,"\documents")


Can use project folder by using environment.currentdirectory

Hope this helps


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