How to run Unix commands via UiPath

Can anyone please tell me is it possible to run Unix commands like ‘Tmboot -s Service_name’, ‘Grep Commands’ etc. from Uipath ?
I’m automating a CSM flow but cannot complete without Unix Commands.

Thanks in advance!

Mudit Kumar

Yes you can. Since UiPath is Windows based application, I am guessing you are using Putty like tool to run unix command from that PC. If my assumption is correct, open Putty from UiPath by activity “Open Application”.

After that just use type into activity to run unix commands on that window of the Putty application.

yes, we can run unix commands through SSH, pUtty application using UI aumation

I tried to execute commands by the “SSH Run Command” activity. For example I execute the command “pro | grep bill” and it only executes “pro” and it falls in error, apparently it doesn’t execute commands with blank spaces or characters.

Is there any way to make any command run in its entirety?

Did you resolve it? I am facing a similar problem