How to run UIPath program using windows scheduler?



Hi Team,

I am trying to run UIPath program using windows scheduler. I have created scheduler task as per following.
Windows Scheduler - > Actions - > New Action - > Settings - >
Program/Script : “C:\UIPathProgram\Main.xaml”.

It opens the project but it did not execute.

Kindly assist on same.


Hi @kawalkarhemant,

Refer this


How to run UIPath using windows scheduler?

As mentioned above I have updated the parameters as per following.

Program : “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform\UiRobot.exe”
Arguments : /file: “C:\Test\Test.xaml”

I have tried using windows scheduler but it is not working. It simply showing in running mode and nothing appears.

Kindly assist.


@kawalkarhemant, This is not supported,


Dom :slight_smile:

How to run Uipath with window task scheduler
Scheduling UiPath tasks while using the Community version

There is no other option like using Batch file or any other way apart from orchestrator version?
Anyone have other work around for this problem.

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