How to run one flowchart[test case] for different websites?

I had prepared one flowchart[test case] for Add to cart activity and which is applicable for 4 different e-commerce website.
I made that flow chart compatible so that it works for all 4 website.
but how i give option to run that flowchart for the specific websites out of those 4 websites.

same is achieved in python with pytest grouping in below way.

class Test_Add_To_Cart(BaseOne):
@pytest.mark.products([“tipsyfly”, “barbox”, “shakaharry”, “ziyaa”], reason=“product name not satisfied”)
def test_Add_To_Cart(self):

command to run above test case for 2 products out of 4.
pytest --browser_name “DesktopChrome” --env “Production” --product_name “shakaharry” “tipsyfly”

How we do this same with UI path ?

Hi @Harshal_Warkar ,

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I have created a sample for flow for your requirement as in the below inline screenshot.
Here I am anticipating that specific URL to launch the website will be the key or use ‘Get URL’ activity to get the URL from currently opened browser. For demonstration purpose, I hardcoded the value in eCommenceURL variable here.


Hope this will help you till some extend. Thank you.

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Thank you so much. This exactly what I want.
can you plz tell me now that how we can pass the multiple arguments via command line so that it will run for multiple websites simultaneously[one after another].

This thing I had achieved in pytest in below way[Please refer screenshot].