Is there a way to Scrape multiple websites?

Hi, I am using uipath studio (data scraper) to scrape some websites. The thing is that everytime I open a new website I need to set the scraper all over again because if I change the website (with the same structure but different information) the scraper will not recognize it. Anyone has some ideas?

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Hi @randomguy1

You need to create a workflow that access different website and scrape the data.

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Hi @randomguy1,

the selector for each site changes so that you need to select the table or data you want to scrape everytime. But if you scrape the same site everytime, you can select once and run the workflow everytime so that it will choose the same table everytime based on the selector .

Yeah my goal is to scrape the same site with a different location. Specifically, Im looking to use the same keyword and change the site on Im looking to scrape the results pages based on a keyword which stays pretty constant while the city and state are changing. Im new at this and our account is currently setup as free so I appreciate your patience in explaining things. Is there a way that i can keep putting the cities into uipath and running it automatically, before it stops running? in general if I put it in quick then it allows me to keep running. Otherwise if it stops I have to reconfigure. It would be great if there was a robot that could enter the city into the field and we extract the results and do it again. Can this be done on the free 10,000 url package?