How to run "Execute Macro" activity?

Why is this error coming?

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Run the macro with prefix as “ThisWorkbook.YourMacroName” in Execute Macro Activity and enable the macro warning if it is shown while opening the worksheet manually.

If it doesnt works,Refer this post


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We struggle wth the same issue.
We put the name on the macro and when it’s run we have error message Message: The range does not exist

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Have you tried removing “PERSONAL.XLSB!” from the MacroName?
Where it says “PERSONAL.XLSB” in the macro name, have you tried using the full filepath?

I’m not sure but thought maybe one of the two could fix it.

This error is coming as UiPath is unable to read the macro name from the xlsm (macro) file.

You can design the workflow like this, which will resolve the problem.

Here TestMacro is the Name of target macro which we wanted to execute from the xlsm file.


pls follow below tutorial,


Hi @asishkumar,

May I know the situation to use the macro ?


Hi Balupad,

Well there are number of scenario where we can use macros, basically as part of back office automation where we needs to run macro.

  1. If the excel macro is part of the Automation process
  2. We can also write custom macro when we needs to perform some basic calculation or validation or reconciliation of the data in excel file.


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Do not use the same name for module as well as sub, because of this i was unable to execute my macro in Uipath.

Guys,Here is a detailed article on that :slight_smile:

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How to know whether macro is executed properly or not, kindly make a video on that, coz i have been asked in one of the interview.