Execute macro

How to use the execute macro activity? Am giving the input as in screenshot below,

And getting error as below,

Is the macro name is testMacro? or it is a variable which stores the macro name? if you want to use a variable, just type testMacro instead “testMacro”

Ok @amakundu. I wil try.

Getting the same error @amakundu by giving testMacro…

Attach the sample xaml and excel file please.


Main.xaml (8.6 KB)

This is the excel sheet attached in the drive link.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wGQlq4wEF7HUvkIH-NmBdKTb8VVAWsxp( INV report sheet)

Though I don’t have access to the excel in GDrive, could u tell me what are you trying to do? The Execute Macro activity is for executing an exiting macro function in that excel. But it seems you are not doing so. You are copying the data from an excel to another one.
Where is the macro?

Ya @amakundu, am trying to copy excel sheet to another excel sheet. i.e; from BPI sheet to INV sheet. After pasting the data into INV sheet, the data should be in macro format. That is my requirement @amakundu.

ok … so what is the purpose of the Run macro activity? The way this activity works is it execute the macro name present in the excel.

You are trying the execute the whole file as macro … i believe will not work in that way.

Ya @amakundu, trying to convert the whole file to macro. Then can you give suggestion for that…

No, it wont work like that. Inside the excel, you can have macro function which you invoke from “Execute Macro” activity.
Could you please brief what are you trying to achieve?

try below ,


Here is a detailed article on that :slight_smile: