How to route HTTP Post request through a Proxy server


I need to route an http post request through a Proxy server in my client environment since the service is directly not accessible from my machine. Can this be done using UiPath? Can somebody post a sample if possible.

Raghav Bidani

I guess you can add proxy configuration on the UiPath.Studio.exe.config file, please look into it…

Hi @bcorrea,

Thanks for you reply. I don’t want to route all my bots through that proxy.
i want to do it just for the particular web request.

Raghav Bidani

Ofcourse, it is also the same, you need to configure the same in the server where the API is deployed, I mean the application is deployed…

This is just a thought like, wherever there is proxy, there may be another URL available to by pass the proxy or additional security. It may be available or may not be

I could not understand that @HareeshMR .
The problem is when i try to hit the Rest request by doing some proxy configuration in Postman. I’m able to get status code 200 but i want to do the same in UiPath Http request without changing the UiPath.Service.Host.exe.config (because i dont want to route all my bots through it). Can this be achieved programmatically?

Raghav Bidani

maybe then consider doing the request using code in an execute code activity.

Can you let me know what’s the issue when you try to call the same request in any browser without cors pluggin? @raghavbidani