How to right way to select printer (adobe reader not working)

Dear RPA Developer,
i have an issue when robot select printer to use.
1 Expected i need to print color 1 copy first.
2 Then B&W 3 copy.
3 Sample printer name:-

i have add printer at local 2 printer name to support above activity.
1 on that PC(Robot run jobs) have another printer and set to default.(Transport_HP)
2 When execute program robot running smoothly. and select printer with select item activitry
3 No jobs in Finance_FX_02_Color, Finance_FX_02_BW
4 but on default Pinter have error

5 As try by myself working fine. i found jobs on that printer.

Help me please it’s the last step to build demo.

Thank you in advance.

Hi All,
i have work around with default printer before print document.

if you have any solution could you please help share to me.

Thank you so much.

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