How To Choose Printer if i want to print PDF file from edge

Hi everyone ,

seems like i cannot choose the printer i want , because the element cannot be read correctly ,
i tried using select items but still cannot do it ,

please let me know if you have any example and suggestion , i tried many way but still cannot do it

thank you


Did you try with actice accessibility? Is it not reading the printer?


I made simple scenario:
Use App/Browser > Keyboard Shortcut (Ctrl + P) > Click Printer Drop Down > Click Printer > Click Print btn


Hi @Ahmad_Rais

Use the Click activity for dropdown the printers. Use another click activity to click the first printer name. Open the selectors and select the one attribute which has a name of printer. Then you can pass the name of the printer in that attribute. It will click automatically on it. I think it will works.

I hope it helps!!

Hi Everyone ,

thanks for the advice, but i found another way to work around this problem,

i use ctrl +shift+p
it will open a window which robot can indicate


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