Invoking Terminal Session activities within a Terminal Session


I have a workflow file called Main.xaml in which I have a Terminal Session with IBM Personal Communications. In order to streamline my workflows and enable the usage of reusable .xaml files, I would like to be able to invoke a workflow file containing some Terminal Session activities.

However, I do not seem to able to do so.

I have tried the following:

Creating a Terminal Session within my Main.xaml and storing the OutputConnection in a variable. Passing the variable to the Invoked Workflow File via an argument. Then I insert the argument in the ExistingConnection property within my invoked workflow file.

The type of the argument and variable is TerminalConnection - HOWEVER the documentation found here, states that the type should be TerminalSession - but UiPath Studio does not accept that type.

Please see the screenshots below, for an example I made.


Invoked Workflow file:

The error that I get is the following:

Terminal Session: No connection specified.

This is thrown when the invoked workflow file is tried to be executed.

Any suggestions? The documentation seems to be faulty?

Hi @christoffercarlsen

It is best to create your variables from the property box (i.e. by using CTRL+K), which will always create a variable with the appropriate type.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue.

I am running into the same problem: OutputConnection set to null. I’ve put screenshots in another thread:

Hi @carlor

It looks like your issue has been resolved.

Judging from your experience, are there any improvements that you would like to suggest?

The output connection variable is not populated until the Terminal Session activity has completed. It won’t be available to activities inside Terminal Session. You should have a Terminal Session activity inside your separate XAML, and put the Invoke Code after the first Terminal Session.

The output connection variable is not populated until after the Terminal Session activity has completed.

Yes. It’s been resolved.

Thank you.