Invoking Terminal Session activities within a Terminal Session


I have a workflow file called Main.xaml in which I have a Terminal Session with IBM Personal Communications. In order to streamline my workflows and enable the usage of reusable .xaml files, I would like to be able to invoke a workflow file containing some Terminal Session activities.

However, I do not seem to able to do so.

I have tried the following:

Creating a Terminal Session within my Main.xaml and storing the OutputConnection in a variable. Passing the variable to the Invoked Workflow File via an argument. Then I insert the argument in the ExistingConnection property within my invoked workflow file.

The type of the argument and variable is TerminalConnection - HOWEVER the documentation found here, states that the type should be TerminalSession - but UiPath Studio does not accept that type.

Please see the screenshots below, for an example I made.


Invoked Workflow file:

The error that I get is the following:

Terminal Session: No connection specified.

This is thrown when the invoked workflow file is tried to be executed.

Any suggestions? The documentation seems to be faulty?

Hi @christoffercarlsen

It is best to create your variables from the property box (i.e. by using CTRL+K), which will always create a variable with the appropriate type.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue.