How to retry an execution if it fails in the first time?

How could I do to retry the execution of a process if it fails in the first time (system exception).

I want the process to be executed 2 times and if it still fails, then the exception is shown.

these condition you need to follow for retrying steps

  1. Install Orchestrator
  2. Use REFramework
  3. Use Queue and set retry number as you wish.

Thanks @irahmat .
What about the second point “2. Use REFramework” ? What does it mean?

#2 is framework to handle complex processes. you can create a project using framework as pic below

Thanks @irahmat , one last question:
What if my process sends an email to one person notifying the output of the execution? If I do what you say, then the email is sent 2 times and i just want the email to be sent the last time of the execution.
how could i do?

set the counter or flag


Create one flag variable and Initialize with 0. At the end of iteration increment it by 1.

And then check if it equal to 2 then send mail else don’t send mail.


Hi @EngAnalyst,

REFramework is the best option for it.
You just have to change retrynumber in your config file. That’s it.
You can use retry scope activity for that.