How to retrieve the last cell value in SAP column. Row index is dynamic

Hi all
I want to retrieve the last cell value from a particular column and save it as string in the SAP application.

Row number is not fixed, its dynamic.

How should i do it.

Thanks in advance.

You mean from a excel @AryanSingh?

no actually i want to retrieve from the SAP application column.



I mean, i think i can try to extract the the whole table and save it as excel and then try to get the last value from there. But it seems, this is a round about way, so i am trying to get the value directly. Is there any way to do that?

I’m not familiar with that @AryanSingh,

But if you have a possibility to get the entire data in the application, do this

  1. Read entire data and store in datatable
  2. Then get the rowcount using datatable.rows.count
  3. Then the last row will be datatable.index(rowCount)

If we have a constant row index, then we can do that @AryanSingh

ok. i will try that then and see if it works.