How to get last row value in particular column in excel using uipath

Hi guys,

I couldn’t able to get last row data in particular column in excel ,

For example
JJ— i need to get “JJ”

please any one help this.

Raja G

Like this: (17,9 Ko)

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Thanks but i couldn’t able to take that value,i checked in message box but shown

please can you help this

Hi @Raja.G,

You can achieve this by giving using this syntax —> DT.Rows(RowIndex)(ColumnIndex).ToString

Use following code in assign activity.
Value1 = dt.Rows(dt.Rows.Count-1)(0).ToString
Use message box with Value1 variable to check expected output.

Value1 —> is of String type.
We’ve use dt.Rows.Count - 1 because, Index starts from 0 —> 4 (Count) -1 —> 3
ColumnIndex (0) —> as it is first column.

that’s it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks working fine

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