How to resolve this error if :Object reference not set to an instance of an object

If anybody know about this problem and know how to resolve it then please give your suggetions here or directly mail on
i am waiting for the positive response.

This is most likely the case because you didn’t specify the input parameters of your Code correctly or your variable is not initialized

i have checked everything but still getting that error

i am getting error

i am getting this error in dispature
please help me out sir

check in_TransactionNumber or io_TransactionData is assigned with any values or not!

Hiii, thanks for reply I have assigned the value and in if condition I have used TransactionDataRow .Count & I am sending you the screenshot of assign activity.

in_transactionNumber is yourArgument Right?
check that argument value it’should have some value to it

yes, I have assigned the value

This is the if activity that I have used above the previous activity

can you take screenshot of getTransaction data import arguments and paste it here!

is this yearly report dispatcher?

yes , But This is the final practical test and in this yearly report we scraping the invoice data

this could be cause by TransactionData table initialization in Init process state
initiate TransactionData datatable using assign activity
To : TransactionData
value : new System.Data.DataTable


Hiii @GBK
We have invoked login workflow and navigation workflow in Init and we have done scraping in GetTransactionData.
So, should I use assign activity in Init?

hey sir,
can we discuss about the error on call??
if possible.

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