How to replace blank cell with 0 using Excel activities

Hi Community!!

I have an issue on replacing the blank cell with 0 by using Find/Replace value Excel activity but it’s not working.
I don’t want to use the LinQ queries and also don’t want to use shortcut keys, Please suggest me how to do with Find/Replace value activity or any other way to do it.


Getting the below error while try to do with Find/Replace value activity…



Any Suggestions
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Thank you in advance!!

Take if activity
if column name contains "’
then take write cell activity
give cell location and value to write is 0

Hi @Usha_Jyothi

I have 1000’s of rows in the excel. I don’t want to loop through the each row.
Is there any other way to do it…


Have a view on this thread with solution attached
Hope this would help you

Cheers @lrtetala

Hi @Palaniyappan

I have already checked with this thread, there are using the LinQ queries, I don’t want to use LinQ queries I want to use only excel activities.How to do with Find/Replace activity.

Is there any other solutions to sort this problem…

Hi @lrtetala ,

Could you try using the below value in ValueToFind property and check :


Maybe also Match Entire Cell Contents property is needed to be updated :


Thank you for the solution. @supermanPunch

I just reinitialized the activity tried with your inputs it’s working fine now.

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