Giving 0 to empty cells in Excell

Hi ,
I want to give a value of 0 to cells that are empty in Excell. But I couldn’t make it through uipath. Can you help me.
Thank you.

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Hai @Tolga_Abi Use Excel application Scope… Use if activity like cell==null then use assign activity to provide value =0
Let me know it’s working or not

Regards Nandhu.

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Thank you @Nandhuba
can you please provide xaml of how to do scenario 1?

Here you go with an xaml

Cheers (16.4 KB)

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Thanks @Palaniyappan

The version looks different, do I need to install the old version.
My version 2019 10.4


Yah go ahead
Cheers @Tolga_Abi

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Thanks I will check. @Palaniyappan

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The process has happened, but how can we remove two features. First, there should be no green arrow with 0. Second, let’s not create a column at the top line. How can we do that. Thank you.

if we have the headers ready then enable ADD HEADERS property in the WRITE RANGE activity
and to remove green arrow make sure that those cells in those columns are not set with TEXT type in EXCEL, and it has to be checked in excel

Cheers @Tolga_Abi

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