How to rename the PDF file with specific name after downloading

Hi all,

I need to download the pdf’s from a portal for different policy numbers,
after downloading I need to rename the file.

Once I download the pdf file the default value of the pdf is “Health Plan Description”, after downloading the “Health Plan Description.pdf” file I need to rename to Health Plan Description_patientID_policynumber.pdf

Here the patientID and policy number comes from database as input.

please guide me how to achieve this.

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Use Rename File Activity of Uipath.
Give Existing File Name and New File Name into that Activity.


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Hi @HeartCatcher

Please have a look at the thread , instead of email you will be using the Policy portal.

Rename PDF File name while downloading it from an email - Help - UiPath Community Forum

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@HeartCatcher Based on what you have to get the Parent ID and Policy number form the data base ?? Should you retrieve based on file name or some thing ?? Can you explain

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The policy number and patient ID are available from the input which is send/placed by client in shared folder

@HeartCatcher How do you know which parent id and policy number has to be included in the file name or is it the same policy number and parent id applies for all the files ??

Hey @HeartCatcher

Use Wait For Download Activity which gives you the file as output.

Then you can please use the Rename Activity to rename that particular file with a different name.

I hope you already have the Patient ID & Name retrieved, If you need any help on that, Please let me know.


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For each policy number I will scrap the data and in the end I will download the pdf file then I need to rename the file.

policy number are present in input excel or database

Yes I do have patient id and policy number

Then you can please perform these steps @HeartCatcher

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If you just want to rename file name you can done it with Rename File Activity.

Let me know if you have any other requirement.


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